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hahaha son this bread is huge


So my friend Hanh (aka hailthekid) made a mixtape, riiiiight..
Here are my first-hear reactions:

1. Gravity
The TRON-like, Daft Punk feel gets me goin’! Mysterious voiceover is so dope too! What a bangin’ way to kickstart this mixtape.

2. Sometimes I get high
2:37 // just.. whoa. NOICE SWITCH AHP!
3.16 // AND ANOTHER!

3. Hotbox
Dat intro.. and then oh wuuut. Bringin’ out the 8-bit gunz? :3

4. I am Very High (Off My Mind)
lol, cute.

5. Whatever (Roses And Flowers)
Omfg. This should just be the anthem to my life atm. AHAHA

6. Freshman 15
I like how “Whatever” sorta flowed onto this.
Chill AF overall

7. Don’t Fall
Whoa. This is pretty damn original.

8. Pumped Up Kicks Cover
I like how the vocals are still consistent with the album’s vocals, but yet so flowww.

9. Better Together X Winter Wonderland
wonderFUL AF

10. Icecream(Demo)
Sooo chillllllll

11. Intermission
Whoa. That sudden transition. Ahah

12. 1994

13. To The Moon

14. What Now?
Yo, yO. Enders usually come off as a safe escape, but this was like, a legit recap of the album as far as vibe. I’d love to have this come on during a shuffled playlist.

-P.S. I’m not much of an attention-to-lyrics person, but sometimes I tend to listen. Hanh made me listen. So believe me when I say this shit’s gooooooooooood. That be all.

Thanks for the love bro means a lot :,) 😘

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The key to a woman’s heart.

The key to a woman’s heart.

The key to a woman’s heart.


The key to a woman’s heart.